Posture Reminder (ADS003)

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  •  Correct posture is a more natural alignment of the spine that will boost your energy, circulation and back pain relief remind you to sit straight and stand tall to help you look and feel your best.
  • LOOK GOOD when you stand tall, with shoulders back and exude confidence with correct posture. You will feel attractive and positive after regular training of your shoulders and live a FULLJOY life
  • IMPROVE SPINAL HEALTH, ALIGNMENT and well-being due to complications of bad posture. Slouched/rounded/uneven shoulders can cause back ache, head and shoulder aches. 
  • Color : lilac

  • Elastic strap

  • Simple and easy to put on

  • Size : XS-S (31" X 1.5"), S-M (35" X 1.5"), M-L (40" X 1.5")